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Allergy Practice

We recommend that you call 905-331-3978 for the last minute changes before coming to the clinic.  Click on the ‘subscribe’ button above to receive email alerts for changes to the calendar.

You should be tested a few months before the pre-season begins. If the physician has recommended allergy shots you must follow the procedure in order to start your injections in a timely matter.. 

Ordered serum is created especially for you and delivered to our clinic.  Once the serum arrives we will contact you to let you know it is ready.  For any further questions just call our helpful allergy team and we will guide you through the planning of your allergy shot schedule.

For your convenience no appointment is necessary. Please follow the calendar as it is updated weekly.

Pre-seasonal Trees   Injections start the 3rd-4th week of January

Pre-seasonal Grass   Injections start the last week of February

Pre-seasonal Ragweed Injections start in the beginning of June

If your physician has recommend venom allergy shots there are 2 ways you can complete your injections:   

 1) 1 injection each week for 5 months

2) 5 pre planned visits with our office must be booked 10-16 days apart.

             Visit #1 injection 90 min. appointment

             Visit #2 injection  90 min. appt.

             Visit #3 injection 60 min. appt.

             Visit #4 injection 60 min. appt

             Visit #5 injection 60 min appt.

If you have any further questions contact our Allergy Nurse at 905-331-3978

 or email info@jbnmedical.com

What to expect from visit to an allergist?

Food allergies

Insect and Venom allergies

Environmental allergies




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