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JBN Medical Diagnostics and Specialists is owned and operated by Internal Medicine Specialists Dr. Joseph Berlingieri, MD FRCPC and Dr. William Nisker, MD FRCPC since 1995. JBN also has many other Internal Medicine Specialists with additional specialty in Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology, Neurology and Cardiac Care.

JBN Medical is equipped with a diagnostics lab which offers non-invasive cardiac diagnostics such as Echocardiograms, Stress Testing, Electrocardiograms, Spirometry Testing (as well as pre/post bronchodilator and pre/post exercise spirometry), Blood Pressure, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, Vascular Assessments, Holter and Loop Monitoring, Oxygen Saturation, Oxygen Saturation with exercise, Mini Mental Status Examination, Allergy Testing, Hearing Assessments, Nutritional Assessments, Drug / Substance Testing as well as Blood and Urine Collection, all performed by Cardiac Technologists. We have access to a clinic onsite offering a wide variety of diagnostic imaging including x-rays, ultrasounds, GI investigations and Mammograms. A more comprehensive list of services can be provided upon request.

JBN Medical strives for excellence in all of the services we provide including our Health Clinics: Vascular and Diabetic Health Clinic, Memory Health Clinic, Bone Health Clinic, Healthy Weight Clinic, Allergy and Asthma Clinic, Hearing Clinic, Nutritional Health Clinic and Independent Medical and Wellness Clinic. JBN Medical is actively involved in research through Clinical Trials conducted in cooperation with several pharmaceutical companies.

JBN Independent Medical Clinic offers a beautiful welcoming environment with impeccable customer service. We understand clients have busy schedules so we work with our clients to achieve a convenient appointment time that suits them.

JBN Independent Medical and Wellness Clinic offers a wide variety of services tailored by you, to suit the individual needs of your company. You may choose from services such as Doctor’s Medical, non-invasive cardiac diagnostics, diagnostics imaging and blood/urine analysis. We are pleased to create a package unique to your company which may encompass any of our services to achieve the results you seek for: Employee Wellness, Pre Employment, Periodic Medicals, Drug/Substance Screening, Insurance Claims, Life Insurance Suitability, etc. In addition, if you require a service not listed within our clinic please advise us and we will happily arrange this service through other companies we collaborate with offsite. JBN Independent Medical Clinic will assist you to protect the interests of your company.

Please call 905-331-3980 or email ims@jbnmedical.com for a competitively priced quote.

Independent Medical Services

Phone 905-331-3980 fax 905-319-2499 email ims@jbnmedical.com